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ADV Launch

After many months of planning and designing, we are proud to announce the launch of ADV, an esports wear brand aimed at fulfilling the needs of teams and organisations across Oceania. As we all know, making it in the competitive world of esports is no easy task and our products are designed to be stylish and of top tier quality, whilst being able to provide the all the essential elements of sportwear.

Our team at ADV are driven by a passion for not only esports, but the desire to satisfy the requirements of every customer, corporate or independent. Working in esports is stressful enough without having to worry about the necessity of clothing your team. With our efficient browsing and ordering process we intend to leave our customers both satisfied and feeling as though a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Community is what makes teams great and ADV is zealous in its ambition to facilitate and support the development of Oceanic esports. The last few years have seen a spike in the popularity of esports and with the promise of a bright future on the way, ADV intends to be at the forefront.